The Alliance Books

Five young adults come of age on different sides of a quiet, brimming war:

A fierce protector born into the life of a guarded young princess,

a loyal young rebel who will fight as hard to reclaim her world as the princess will to keep hers,

two orphaned boys who forged a home in each other, and who both must learn how to stand on their own outside that bond built in desperate loneliness,

and a young girl with an adorable button nose, at least one book on her person at all times, and more ambition than most conquering warlords.

Together, they will build both the world and each other.

The prequel, Sneak, sets the stage, the players and their simple ideas of right and wrong, of them and us, of the war they think they’re fighting.

In Liar, allegiances complicate and twist as worlds collide. 

In the final installation, Traitor, conflict sweeps both the loyal and the damned into choices they have been avoiding. They chase victories they do not fully understand and no one will emerge unscarred.

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