COMING SOON: Second Star to the Left – a sci-fi podcast

Hello friends! On FEB 20 2021 we’re launching SECOND STAR TO THE LEFT, a sci-fi podcast about loneliness, wonder, and connection.

Co-created by me & Aysha Farah, Second Star is directed & edited by Rachel Kellum and stars Ishani Kanetkar and Jorin Baas. We’ve been working on it for about a year and are very pleased to get to show it now to all of you.


Scout-explorer Gwendolyn Hartley (Kanetkar) is on a five-year mission to map, study, and prepare a planet for settlement. It’s a hard job and lonely one, but she’s been chasing this dream all her life. Gwen’s only connections back to humanity are the letters she sends home and the anxious voice of her assigned scout-minder in her ear. 

Bell Summers (Baas) is on a five-year mission to monitor, support, and advise three scout-explorers as they prepare undeveloped planets in quadrant 530-D for settlement. Listening from their rented berth on a local space station, Bell is always a step away from the action. The untamed vistas, biological marvels, and dangers of the planets are just sounds on their short-range FTL communicator. 

Missing the things she’s lost or left behind, Gwen is determined to love and protect her new home. Cautious and stubborn, Bell is determined to get all their scouts through this alive. They didn’t intend to fall for a place– or a face– that they’ve never seen.

You can also listen to a SNEAK PEEK teaser trailer here:


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