Stay? – a choose your own adventure story

I wrote my first interactive fiction story! I hope you like it. Welcome to Elaia, a magical city nestled in a high valley. It’s the end of your first year at university & time to choose your major. Find yourself among potential friends or lovers– young people with secrets, dreams, fears, and tragedies. Learn about…

One Stormy Day in New Providence

story by Kat Sundberg and E. Jade Lomax / written by E. Jade Lomax Cover art by Samantha Dow ( An heiress, a diplomat’s daughter, an undercover auditor, a corporate spy, an ex-detective, and a fraud walk into the small field office of a major insulation corporation. Half are there under their proper names. Only one…

Leagues and Legends: Book 2

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Echoes of a Giantkiller by E. Jade Lomax When I first read this book I can’t tell you what I was thinking about because 100% of my attention was focused solely on what was happening in the pages before me. Beanstalk was a book about friends who were in school (despite Grey’s…

Leagues and Legends: Book 1

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Last night, slid low in a bath filled with eucalyptus scented bubbles, I finished Remember the Dust, the last book in the Leagues and Legends series by author E. Jade Lomax. But the thing is, I can’t really properly review this last book without spoiling a lot of things. And since I just did…

Remember the Dust, by E. Jade Lomax

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I was lucky enough to be granted an early review copy of Remember the Dust, the third and final book in E. Jade Lomax’s “Leagues and Legends” series. As the book dropped yesterday, here are some of my thoughts. Mild spoilers, but nothing plotbreaking, I think. My review of Beanstalk, the first…

Review: Liar

Title: Liar Author: E. Jade Lomax Series: The Alliance Trilogy Language: English Publication Date: April 2014 Source: Kindle Liar by E. Jade Lomax is the second book in The Alliance Trilogy, follow… Source: Review: Liar

Review: Sneak

Title: Sneak Author: E. Jade Lomax Series: The Alliance Trilogy #1 Language: English Publication Date: 10th February 2014 Source: Kindle Sneak by E. Jade Lomax is the first book in The Alliance Tri… Source: Review: Sneak