Leagues and Legends: Book 1



Last night, slid low in a bath filled with eucalyptus scented bubbles, I finished Remember the Dust, the last book in the Leagues and Legends series by author E. Jade Lomax.

But the thing is, I can’t really properly review this last book without spoiling a lot of things. And since I just did a complete re-read of the first two books before I started the last, I feel like it’s a good idea to just do a write-up of them all. I’m going to do the first book fairly spoiler free and then do the second under their own entries (my way of putting spoilers under cuts because nobody likes a snitch–except for Quidditch players, my mind is yelling and, so, even though that’s not the type of snitch I meant, I feel compelled to put in a little side note, dear god do you guys see what you’re getting…

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