A Love Letter to Leagues and Legends


Starship Sorcery

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I want to talk about a book series that has a special place in my heart: Leagues and Legends by E. Jade Lomax. This’ll be spoiler free because I would love to encourage anyone who haven’t read these books to give them a try.

Quick background: Leagues and Legends is a trilogy of fantasy books (Beanstalk, Echoes of a Giantkiller, and Remember the Dust). They’re available in eBook/download form for free (!!), so you can pop over to ejadelomax.com and start reading them right this second if you want. (You can also buy print versions if you like classic book-in-your-hand feel like I do.)

Here’s the blurb for Beanstalk:

Jack Farris doesn’t want to save the world, just every person he knows, encounters, or hears of.

It’s a bit of an issue.

S. Grey doesn’t want to save anyone but himself. He wants…

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